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Dearest Sister,

How are you, Twili? Your studies going fine, make any new friends? I know, I know. Your studies always come first, but you really should make some friends aside from Spike. By the way, give that little pip-squeak a hug from me, will ya? How's Her Majesty? I only get the official decrees this far out of Canterlot and those are always so full of…well, you know. I figure you can give me a more personal and honest opinion of Her Majesty. If you can't or if Her Majesty is too busy than I understand. Don't do anything stupid for me. Wouldn't want another one of those talks from old Kind Hoof would we?  

Before you start to worry, I am fine. Serving as Second Officer has its advantages which means I'm far away from the danger and the ponies serving under me make sure I'm always safe no matter what. I know how you start to worry about the unknown or unplanned so don't worry, I'm safe and fine. The biggest danger out here is me worrying about how much you worry so do me a favor and just relax.

You know my company commander, Iron Eye? I think I've told you how old he is before, have I? Doesn't matter, he's an old pony, but still tougher than fifty oxen. I won't bore you with extra details, but it's safe to say that he's more than willing to retire after this last campaign and he's considering putting in a good word for me to lead the company after he retires. Hear that? Your big brother could be head of the Royal Canterlot Grenadiers one of these days. How's that sound? Company Commander Shining Armor; rolls off the tongue that.

I know you want me to tell you that I'll be home soon, but I can't do that. This w (the rest of the word is scribbled out) campaign is taking longer than anyone thought. Don't worry though; your big brother is safe and sound. I'll come home. I love you, Twili. Stay safe and get your studies done.

-- Your BBBFF

P.S. Try and make some friends. You'd be surprised how fun having some can be. I can already tell you're rolling your eyes. At least try, for me.

Greetings Your Majesty,

How are you? I hope all things are going well back home. I'm sure they are though. How are my folks? The last care package mother sent me was full to the brim of treats that I couldn't possibly eat alone. Tell her the men really enjoyed the cake she made, even old Iron Eye had something good to say about it. How is Twilight? I asked her, but I doubt I'll get the full picture so could you spy on her for me? Just a little?

The soldiers are encouraged not to write home with details about our new enemy or how the front is progressing. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that. Still, I can't keep my mouth shut on everything. It's a slog here everyday with our enemy hitting and running, attacking from the shadows and retreating before we can bring the line to face them. It's exhausting to say the least. I've tried recruiting some of the natives to bolster our units with lighter infantry, but ne…(the rest of the sentence is crossed out). Rest assured though, the war will be won. I swear it.

I look at the letter I wrote for Twilight and you'd think there wasn't even a war going on. That casualties weren't happening everyday. A part of me wants to be honest with her, to tell her that I've faced death more times than I care to think about, but she'd worry herself sick and crazy if she knew that. Please, Cadence, be strong for her and don…(there's the impression that a few sentences were tried, but ultimately crossed out. The lines being quick and long, written in anger).

This war has caused me to think about things, a great deal many things. One of those things is that life is short. That keeping secrets is for those with long time in this world.

So, I want to tell you that I have great love for you, Cadence. For years I've loved you. My stomach would knot up at seeing you, my mouth forming into a smile without my consent. I wish I could tell you in person, but that is very unlikely considering where I am and where you are so here is this letter written for you. This war has pulled me far away from you, but know that I'm always thinking of you. Of the way your eyes look when you're embarrassed, how your wings shoot out when you're worried, the legion of other things that would take countless sheets to write. I'm sorry for overwhelming you with this, but I'm worried this war may be the death of me and I don't want to keep secrets from you any longer. I await your reply with baited breath.

- With great affection and a worried stomach, Shining Armor
Whenever I get an idea in my head, I just have to write it down.

So here's this. I just got an idea for these two letters last night and got excited to write them. I think they turned out alright; little too romanticized here and there, but it fits with the show.
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Thanks for the compliment.
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